Protect Our Breasts Co-Founder, Gabrielle DeAngelis, continues to protect women by supporting an #OrganicLifestyle @Latejulyorganic snack company

gabrielle_editedHello POB World! My name is Gabrielle DeAngelis and I am one of the few lucky women that can call herself a co-founder of this incredible organization. I joined Professor Barstow on this project in the winter of 2011, after working with her as in intern at Seed to Shelf: Marketing for Sustainability. Having a grandmother pass away from breast cancer and being so close to this faculty member brought the project close to my heart.

Watching Protect our Breasts grow from a research project, to now a multi-campus non-profit organization has been awe-inspiring. I truly feel like a proud parent!

I am equally proud to say that my POB experience is also what steered me towards my post-collegiate career. POB instilled in me that businesses can make a difference and I sought after a position in an industry that would support the mission of POB. I am lucky to say that I work in the organic food industry, selling organic snacks – Late July Snacks to be exact. I go to work every day proud to sell a product that I know will be safe for women and future generations.

I am so grateful to Professor Barstow and to all the wonderful women who continue to keep POB alive. I know this organizations changes lives, not just mine. #POB4LYFE

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